The Crimson Coil by Leo Rián

The Crimson Coil

The Crimson Coil, by Timothy M. Cart, writing as Leo Rián, is an otherworldly, dark fantasy novel filled with intrigue, betrayal and arcane magic set in the ravaged world of Myn. The story centers around Charles Warfield, a lackluster, low-ranking noble living in the hidden kingdom of Zannistar whose life is about to become much stranger, darker and generally more interesting than he would like.

The Crimson Coil is book one of The Warfield Accord trilogy.

343 Pages | ISBN-13: 978-1733895712

Print book: The Crimson Coil Paperback

Ebook: The Crimson Coil Ebook

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“Rián’s inventive ideas overall propelled me to the end, and left me wishing for the next volume to arrive soon. I want to know what happens next in this world…and others.”

-Matt E., Tacoma, WA

 “there is a deep world with it’s own set of rules, history, and lore. A whole culture is built that is believable and interesting that even as a back story has you wanting to know more.”

-J. D. Frye, Mesa, AZ
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