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The Crimson Coil by Leo Rián

The Crimson Coil

The Crimson Coil, by Timothy M. Cart, writing as Leo Rián, is an otherworldly, dark fantasy novel filled with intrigue, betrayal and arcane magic set in the ravaged world of Myn. The story centers around Charles Warfield, a lackluster, low-ranking noble living in the hidden kingdom of Zannistar whose life is about to become much stranger, darker and generally more interesting than he would like.

The Crimson Coil is book one of The Warfield Accord trilogy.

343 Pages | ISBN-13: 978-1733895712

Print book: The Crimson Coil Paperback

Ebook: The Crimson Coil Ebook

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“Rián’s inventive ideas overall propelled me to the end, and left me wishing for the next volume to arrive soon. I want to know what happens next in this world…and others.”

-Matt E., Tacoma, WA

 “there is a deep world with it’s own set of rules, history, and lore. A whole culture is built that is believable and interesting that even as a back story has you wanting to know more.”

-J. D. Frye, Mesa, AZ
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Crimson Coil Glossary

The Crimson Coil.

This is an evolving glossary of terms used in the dark fantasy novel The Crimson Coil, by Timothy M. Cart, writing as Leo Rián.

Aydward: A type of magic symbol carved into a person’s flesh. Once healed, it starts to move around on that person’s body. Meant to protect the wearer against certain kinds of attacks depending on which symbol is used.

Beckrot Chair: A magic loveseat made of gearwood, a workable wood from a rare grove of trees embued with mystic power. It can teleport users to places they have already been to at least once before. However, sometimes it will limit a user’s options or refuse to teleport at all. It was brought as a peace offering to Zannistar from Laedenor by Gyldred the Effacer.

Brierberries: Well-known, versatile and highly sought after food berries that grow worldwide.

Brymróc: A contingent of very experienced but blind sailors. Valued for their ability to navigate the Neverwall safely.

Buttonwood: Wood taken from the fast-growing buttonwood tree; an abundant resource in Arom. Central to Aromite culture.

Bóctalu: A secret book within a book, consisting of the true names of anyone or anything the reader sees or ponders.

Calamity Engine: An oversized, horseless carriage powered by human souls. A relic of the Sixteen Generations War.

Cotlif: A very small, single-roomed dwelling, usually built and arranged in clusters. A cultural mainstay of Laedenoran society for millennia.

Cwalu: A reclusive, mystical branch of the Itinerants with unique abilities who live in the forest, and who are adept in matters of battle.

Dreka: A copy of a person that used the Bekrot Chair to travel. The copy has no soul. Each copy becomes successively less like the original person. Eventually copies become twisted, empty husks called Ersatz.

Effacer: A sorcerer who can eat the memories of others. Effacers were commonly used as weapons during the Sixteen Generations War, after which they were immediately outlawed, hunted down and destroyed.

Ersatz: A creature with no soul or mind of its own; an empty husk which attracts malevolent spirits who can inhabit it. Created when a Dreka uses the fabled Bekrot Chair.

Expanser: A sorcerer, usually sea-faring, who can safely navigate the dangerous region known as the Neverwall. They were a crucial asset during the Sixteen Generations War.

Furtyr: A demon of immense power.

Gearwood: Hardwood taken from a very special type of magic tree which only grows in the Gearwood Thicket; a densely forested area in Laedenor on a plateau overlooking Mirlandis Lake.

Geattor: A tower that can transport people to another tower somewhere else in the world. Users jump off the tower to activate it. Where users end up is dependent on which side of the tower they jump from. Most were destroyed during the Sixteen Generations War. There are three known Geattor left which only function for one day every one hundred years.

Itinerant: A member of a religious order in Laedenor whose purpose is to study and interpret the movements of the Sojourner as well as to provide spiritual guidance to the world.

Jaibok: An enormous river ship with spider-like legs. It is a remnant of the Sixteen Generations War.

Lucan: The art and science of gradually moving closer to the Sojourner in the hopes of gaining power or favor.

Lucanite: Someone who is attempting the Lucan. They can be anyone the Itinerants allow onto the Sojournic Compound.

Nihtgessa: Disembodied consciousness trapped in the Neverwall. Some are benevolent and some are malevolent.

Nombit: A coin with a person’s family symbol embossed thereupon. Unique to kingdom of Zannistar.

Reader: A sorcerer who specializes in detecting specific types of intent in others.

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